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October 17, 2019
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October 30, 2019
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It is not a secret that homebuyers prefer to invest in properties that require little to no work. This means they shop around, which can take time. And time is not on your hands when you want to get a house sold.

But instead of getting frustrated or hopeless, remember that you always have Waymark Homes (https://www.waymarkhomes.com/) as an option.

Because we buy houses Sterling Heights, and we’ll make it as fast and convenient as you can imagine. But simply telling you we have the best solution for selling your Sterling Heights home fast is not how we do things.

In addition to simplicity and speed, we love transparency at Waymark Homes. And this is why we are going to break everything down to give you some perspective first.


The Incredibly Simple Process

we buy houses in Sterling HeightsMany people wonder whether the process of how we buy houses is really as straightforward as we make it out to be.

But you can judge this for yourself after reading about the three steps.

The first step is to get in contact with one of our friendly consultants.

Then arrange for a comfortable time when we can do a quick inspection and ask some basic questions.

All in all, this takes about thirty minutes.

The second step is to consider the fair offer we make right after the inspection.

If you like what you hear, then we’ll get everything sorted.

But if you don’t like the offer, you definitely have no obligation to take it.

The final step, if you decide to take the offer, is to get the paperwork in order through a local company. Then receive your money when the deal closes, which is quick as it is impressive.


The Benefits When We Buy Houses Sterling Heights

It really is this simple when you want to sell your Sterling Heights home fast, but there are several benefits to keep in mind as well. They include:

– You can be sure about receiving an offer

If you are worried that we won’t make you a fair offer after taking a quick tour, don’t be. We only take a tour to help us establish the best fair offer, that’s all. And when we are done, you get your offer.

– We make a cash offer without waiting periods

When we make the offer, the money is ready and available. Nobody has to wait for any loan approvals or financing, which is why we can pay you the moment the deal is closed.

– The condition of the house is not a problem

As mentioned earlier in the article, buyers want homes that they can just move into. But we are not typical buyers. We are investors with different goals, and this is why we will still buy the house regardless of what it looks like.

– The close is handled with urgency

Your time is valuable, nobody knows this better than we do at Markway Homes. Hence the reason for working fast, properly, and without complications when it comes to paying your money.

Now you just have to decide if you want to gamble with a real estate agent? Or do you want to sell your house right now with Waymark Homes?

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