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we buy houses sterling heights michigan
Need To Sell Your Home Fast? We Buy Houses Sterling Heights Michigan For Cash!
February 4, 2020
we buy homes in Michigan
We Buy Homes in Michigan.
February 20, 2020
we buy houses in Michigan

If you own a house or inherited one and would like to sell it, you do not have to go through the pain of renovations, looking for a reliable realtor, and waiting months for a buyer.

Sell your house to us for cash. We buy houses in Michigan and give you cash for it. Yes, that’s right.

At Waymark Homes, we know that clients need their money fast enough because they could be planning to use the funds for an emergency.

The cash can also be useful if you need to buy a new house right away.


Why Sell To Us?

One, we give you cash for the home. You do not have to wait to cash a cheque or anything of the sort. We give the money to you after the sale. You can sell your house to us fast, for cash.

We understand that there are reasons why you need to sell the property quickly. This is not a problem.

We will give you the cash once the agreement is signed and we have ownership of the house. This only takes a short while.

Two, no renovations necessary. At Waymark Homes we understand how expensive renovations can be.

That added to the fact that you never know if the house will sell fast enough if you choose to sell through a realtor.

This is why we buy the house in the condition that it is in.

You do not need to spend money you may not have to renovate a house if it was involved in a pest infestation, water or fire damage, or if it is simply just old.

We buy houses in Michigan in the condition that they are in.

Three, you get the cash without deductions. The amount that we promise you is the exact amount that you will get once the property has been sold to us.

We do not charge commissions or any other fees. You get the amount that we had offered and agreed upon, in cash.

There is no pressure to leave your home immediately either. We let you make the necessary arrangements and do what you need to do then sell the place when you are done.


Our Process

we buy houses MichiganWe know that you do not want to go through a tedious process when selling the home, so our process is simple.

You contact us at and give us the details of your home.

Our team will tell you the value of the house and give you an offer. If you feel that the offer is not what you want, you do not have to sell.

We understand that and do not force any homeowner to sell.

If you like the offer, we progress to the exchange of ownership and give you the cash once the sale is completed.

That’s it. Our simple and hassle-free process that will let you sell that house in Michigan.

Our team is friendly and will explain anything that you do not understand patiently. Contact us today and sell your house without too much stress.

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