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January 4, 2020
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January 16, 2020
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Selling a home is usually a costly, time-consuming process that has caused headaches in many Michigan homeowners.

While you will sometimes hear of positive experiences when it comes to real estate sales, the possibility for things to go wrong very fast is rather high.

Waymark Homes understands the challenges that you have to go through when selling your house, which is why we strive to ensure a smoother and more streamlined sale as one of the leading housebuyers Michigan.

3 Things That Could Go Wrong When Selling Your Michigan House

To help you see why we are your best bet when it comes to selling your property, here are 3 things that could potentially go wrong and how we can help.

1. Buyer Falling Through

You might have already overcome the difficult part of selling your house, which is finding a buyer and might have had an offer already put on the house.

While this is obviously a great first step, it isn’t a guarantee that the sale will actually go through.

Buyers often fall through for a variety of reasons, which include not being approved for the entire loan amount, withdrawing the offer for various personal reasons, or even being unable to come up with the deposit.

No property is considered fully sold unless the paperwork is signed.

If you work with Waymark Homes, you will never have to worry about the buyer falling through since we will make you a cash offer on your property and close within as little as 7 business days.

That’s an offer that you simply won’t find elsewhere.

2. Buyer’s Conditions

Buyers will often place stipulations regarding the sale of the property before they agree to buy.

Repairs of the front porch, a new roof, installation of new heat-saving windows, etc. are some of the requests that buyers make before purchasing the property.

Unfortunately, performing these tasks/repairs/renovations is quite expensive and might actually cost more money that you have to invest.

Still, you might actually perform these tasks/repairs/renovations only for the buyer to withdraw for the reasons provided above.

If you work with Waymark Homes, you will never have to worry about meeting any conditions before selling your property.

We buy houses throughout Michigan as-is, which means that you never have to undertake any repairs or renovations before you sell to us.

3. Failure to Pass Inspection

For many buyers, the decision as to buy or not to buy your property depends on whether or not it passes an inspection.

The unfortunate reality is that a home inspection is usually one of the conditions for them to secure funding to purchase the property.

If your house does not pass the inspection, you might need to put in quite a bit of work and money or lower the price accordingly.

To avoid being blindsided by the results of the inspection, it is advisable to get it done ahead of time.

If you work with Waymark Homes, you won’t need to worry about a home inspection and the associated costs since we buy houses in any condition.

Final Thoughts

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It is quite clear that many different things could go wrong when it comes to selling your Michigan property.

That’s why you should play the safe bet by working with Waymark Homes, which is one of the leading housebuyers Michigan.

We look forward to hearing from you.

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